To setup/change your call forwarding settings and email, log into the user portal using your 3 digit extension and PIN (see Phone User Portal guide).

Call Forwarding

After logging in, click on Preferences on the left hand side.

To set all calls to forward to another number, including a cell phone, check the box next to “Call Forward” and type in the number you’d like all calls to be forwarded to.  Remember to include the 9 if an external number.  All calls to your extension will now be forwarded and not go to your Raider Voicemail box.  To disable, simply log back in and click the Call Forward checkbox.


To set up notifications to be sent to your email, like missed call alerts and voicemail, simply select the respective option under the Notifications Options header and put in your username/email address.  You’ll still get alerted on your desk phone but a copy will be emailed to you.