The Phone User portal can be accessed via the Phone Portal icon (shown below) on your computer Desktop.  If it’s not showing up, please log out and back in.  If it still does not show please let IT know.

You will log in with your username being your 3-digit phone extension and PIN.  Default PIN is 123123.

Please see the video links below for how to’s on changing your PIN, checking voicemail, creating your greeting, and enabling Do Not Disturb through the portal. 

  • How to Change User PIN

    • Update via the voicemail button on your phone by using the same PIN as the portal and then pressing 0 and then 5

  • Check Voicemail

    • Can also be checked on the phone by pressing the Voicemail button (Envelope icon), entering your PIN, and following the prompts for new messages

  • Create Voicemail Greeting

    • This can be set on your phone by logging into voicemail (same PIN as the portal) via the voicemail button - press 0 then 2 to record message or 4 to record name 

  • DND - Do Not Disturb - puts your phone into a state that all calls go directly to voicemail.

    • Pressing the DND or  button on your phone will also turn Do Not Disturb on and off.

More details and other features can be found in the Phone System User Guide.